Many people seek psychological help.  In many instances, they want to learn if what they, or a loved one, are feeling is normal, or if, one day, the pain will go away.  Sometimes, the pain is so intense that one may think it will never go away.  Hope is very important.  It is the fuel that gives us the strength to continue, to look for options, and to increase the range of possibilities.  If one loses hope, one abandons everything; we stop trying, and fall deeper into feelings of failure and unhappiness.

When one has experienced traumatic experiences and pain, or has lived with a prolonged stress, changes occur in different areas of the brain, which further affect physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual wellbeing.

For success in the process of healing, a good relationship between patient and therapist is necessary. Working to interrupt negative patterns of thought and enhancing brain neuroplasticity through the connection between mind and body, the psychological treatments that I offer allow us to make changes in the memory system and its structure. We retrain the brain.  Therapy restores balance at the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels, allowing the person not only to resolve the problems that disturb him/her, but also to discover his/her strengths, regain control and live a tranquil life, despite traumatic experiences, painful situations and difficult moments.  

“TRAUMA is a fact of life, however, it does not have to be a chain of perpetuity” Peter Levine



Accepting the death of a dear person is always a painful event, whatever the circumstances.


When you ask people if they have suffered a trauma, the majority respond: No, I have never endured a trauma; I have only gone through some difficult times.


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The fear of public speaking is very limiting and causes some people to have a "double life". On the one hand, they are good workers and diligent; ...


Child sexual abuse consists of attitudes and behaviors of an adult (usually male, but also female), done for his or her own sexual satisfaction, with a minor.


The necessity of undergoing surgery or the great advances that the medical field has undergone, do not matter.

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