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​“As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself…The critical issue is allowing yourself to know what you know. That takes an enormous amount of courage.” Bessel Van Der Kolk

To be well, not only do you need to want it, sometimes you need to take the step to search for appropriate psychological help. Often, we do not seek help because we have an

InTERnAl COnfLIcT  "between two parts of ourselves".  One part wants to change, needs change; but, the other doesn’t dare to ask for help.

This may be due to many reasons: psychological block, learned beliefs, bad previous experiences, shame, fear, doubts, etc. Also, sometimes when we have tried many things to get better, we can lose faith.

FEAR, ANXIETY AND DOUBTS  can be adaptive, so we should listen to them. They help us, among other things, to be cautious, careful and to avoid danger.

On the other hand, when anxiety and pain overwhelm us, it is also a problem because it invalidates us as a person, even paralyzing us so we can't respond adequately to our situation.

When we encounter something that exceeds our ability to respond adequately, we can experience an adaptive response, a kind of "disconnection" that occurs in our nervous system and we learn to limit ourselves and forget how to connect with the resources that were useful to us in the past.

Sometimes life happens so fast and we get so stressed that our brain develops an "internal alarm that is on 24 hours a day". This constant state of alarm uses a huge amount of energy and has an impact on us and, over time, we can develop chronic diseases.

When we ignore our feelings we develop symptoms. 

There are people who think that "time heals everything, or that you just have to turn the page," but they do not realize that to heal one has to work on oneself. As one friend told me once, "to turn the page, you have to write it first". And to achieve this, a process must be carried out.

As a PSyCHOLoGIST  I have specialized in how to effectively help people reconnect with their resources or help them to develop those they lack. 

I have lived,  studied  and worked in Colombia, the United States, Australia and Spain. As an emigrant, the world and the diversity of cultures have also been my teachers. It has not always been a bed of roses for me, so I have also had to do my own personal work.

And one thing I have clear, my experiences have fueled my passion for working to assist others to make the changes they need to achieve in their lives.

 I have learn that changes are possible, some take longer than others, but if we have an honest desire to change, we commit to do the necessary work and we have the right help, they are achieved.

Therapy opens the door to the possibility that something may be different.

I hope that after reading this page,  you have enough doubts, questions that invite you to explore other possibilities that will help you to learn different things and to find the solutions you need.

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The death of a loved one is a very painful situation and creates feelings of helplessness, helplessness, guilt, etc. Sometimes we hope that time will cure everything, but it is not always the case and we may blame our self.


We all have the need to belong to a group and have point of reference. Unfortunately in our society gay or transsexual people can be excluded causing them live in constant state of uncertainty.


Dementia causes more fear than cancer or death itself because it steals our essence and makes us vulnerable, fragile and dependent. It leaves us without a map of the world and makes us feel overwhelmed


Fear of public speaking reduces our ability to respond to what we perceive as "a threat. Although we logically know that there is no reason to fear, we become paralyzed. This fear limits us and it is frustrating.


Sexual, physical or emotional abuse and lack of protection cause one of the most devastating traumas to a child. As a result, a series of symptoms develop in response to the abnormal behaviour received.


Any surgical process, fertilization, testing, entails STRESS. Preparing for it maximize your recovery. You will be more receptive to treatment, require less anesthesia, analgesics, recover faster and better.

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