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May 3, 2015
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“The first truth, Buddha taught his disciples, is that suffering is part of the human condition. If we simply try to avoid confronting painful experiences, there is no way to begin the healing process. In fact, this denial creates the very conditions that promote and prolong unnecessary suffering.”
― Peter A. Levine,


The interconnection between unresolved emotions and disease is undeniable. Many people has experience that when they feel depressed, stressed, angry, afraid, their bodies begin to break down.

Undoubtedly some diagnostic tests (biopsy, resonance, endoscopy, etc), a surgery, a fertilization process, are situations that are surrounded by worry, uncertainty and lack of control.

Pre-operative stress occurs for different reasons such as:

waiting for test results; concern about the risks of anesthesia; fear of post-operation pain; worry about when and how you will return to work; the stress of planning who will care for you; worry about how the procedure may change your life as well as the possibility of not surviving the operation. This stress can create great anxiety and even if you take medication to calm you down it does not take away all the fear, just numbs it.

 It is NOT GOOD  for you, to go into some diagnostic tests (biopsy, resonance, endoscopy, etc), a surgery, a fertilization process, with all these fears, all these questions and with the feeling of impotence, vulnerability and lack of control because this will produce more stress in your body which can then result post-operation in symptoms of anxiety, irritability and chronic body pain, etc.

It is important to listen to our bodies is trying to communicate to us instead of pushing away our emotions.  

IT IS CLINICALLY PROVEN THAT HYPNOSIS IS AN EXCELLENT TOOL TO HELP PEOPLE, not only to enter the operating room more calmly, with less stress and more resources to handle the situation, but is also useful in the process of preparation for surgery.  If you are more relaxed, you will have more resources to communicate better with your doctor, deal with any doubts that are present, to plan and prepare for the surgery and post-operative needs and to solve any problems that may arise.



Stress can cause excess tension in the musculoskeletal system, which generates pain and difficulties in moving normally. Additionally, the inflammatory response of the body increases, the heart rate accelerates, the digestive system is impacted and a significant decrease in the immune response occurs, which in turn increases the predisposition to suffer infections.  


 Ideally, if you are going to undergo surgery, START TO PREPARE A MONTH BEFORE.

It is important to help your mind and body to be more relaxed before surgery.

When a person is prepared for surgery and therefore is less stressed they require less anesthesia, recover faster, have fewer side effects, etc., so the hospital stay will be shorter and they will return to the activities of daily living sooner.  

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“If we do not pay attention to our feelings and the messages from our body then our body will assume we do not enjoy life and get us out of here as quickly as possible.” Dr Bernie Siegel

Having chronic pain is stressful, debilitating and exhausting.

When we have been living with pain for a while, our mood, relationships, performance and perception of the world are affected.

That pain that does not go away may be due to unresolved traumas that remain in the body and cause corporal restriction, anxiety, and other symptoms that accentuate the pain.

There are also pains produced by an injury, a surgery that went wrong, a bad surgical or post-operative experience, an accident, a disease, etc.

Sadly, some patients tell me that they remember the disregard with which they were treated by the medical team more than the trauma of the surgery. They felt uncared for when their medical professionals gave them the diagnosis and they felt ignored, disrespected and disempowered when they requested an explanation about their condition or when they complained of not noticing improvement. 

Many people find relief in the treatment I offer because once the body’s system is rEbaLAnceD, SYMPTOMS CAN be REliEveD.

I offer my program in person or you can engage in sessions from the comfort of your home by videoconference.

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The death of a loved one is a very painful situation and creates feelings of helplessness, helplessness, guilt, etc. Sometimes we hope that time will cure everything, but it is not always the case and we may blame our self.


We all have the need to belong to a group and have point of reference. Unfortunately in our society gay or transsexual people can be excluded causing them live in constant state of uncertainty.


Dementia causes more fear than cancer or death itself because it steals our essence and makes us vulnerable, fragile and dependent. It leaves us without a map of the world and makes us feel overwhelmed


Fear of public speaking reduces our ability to respond to what we perceive as "a threat. Although we logically know that there is no reason to fear, we become paralyzed. This fear limits us and it is frustrating.


Sexual, physical or emotional abuse and lack of protection cause one of the most devastating traumas to a child. As a result, a series of symptoms develop in response to the abnormal behaviour received.


Any surgical process, fertilization, testing, entails STRESS. Preparing for it maximize your recovery. You will be more receptive to treatment, require less anesthesia, analgesics, recover faster and better.
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