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"We, the ones then, are not the same." Pablo Neruda


Who has not felt fear of developing any type of dementia?

Dementias can be scarier than cancer or death itself, because it robs us of what we are and makes us vulnerable, fragile and dependent.

Because it is a life condition, a long illness where we lose the ability to connect with ourselves and with others. We are left without a map of the world and of life and we cannot stand for ourselves. This creates an enormous terror and pain, both for the sufferer and the family.

Some patients who have RECENTLY been DIAGNOseD with dementia come to see me because they know that high levels of stress hormones can accelerate the loss of their memory. They also want to help themselves and make a plan.

For them it is important to talk about their emotions, worries, without worrying their family. This does them good.

Caregivers, on the other hand, live an ambiguous loss, because their loved one is physically present, but is no longer mentally or emotionally present. It is not what they used to be. This condition changes the dynamics of the relationship.

Dementias are living conditions that affect your environment, your life, and your community. They are long and degenerative diseases, which generate a lot of stress, overwhelm, impotence, anger, love, fear, guilt, and even resentment.

There are caregivers who think they can do it without help, they are strong, but it is not about being strong, it is about being realistic.

We feel so helpless when someone who we love suffers, if we cannot do anything to alleviate their suffering. We feel overwhelmed. We are stressed and this affects our health and the relationship with the rest of the family, our concentration and work. In addition, the constant feeling of uncertainty, causes emotional tiredness and numbness.

TakING CAre of the CarREgIvERs


We do an initial work of 2 sessions, which can be repeated during the course of the disease since new challenges will emerge.

The goal is the caragiver, so he can

develop skills and learn tools to respond to symptoms, instead of reacting to the individual or emotions.

These are easier when you understand better what the disease consists of, you have therapeutic tools to calm your nervous system and NOT GET OVERWHELMEND.

Book a session Thank you for letting me be part of the solution.

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The death of a loved one is a very painful situation and creates feelings of helplessness, helplessness, guilt, etc. Sometimes we hope that time will cure everything, but it is not always the case and we may blame our self.


We all have the need to belong to a group and have point of reference. Unfortunately in our society gay or transsexual people can be excluded causing them live in constant state of uncertainty.


Dementia causes more fear than cancer or death itself because it steals our essence and makes us vulnerable, fragile and dependent. It leaves us without a map of the world and makes us feel overwhelmed


Fear of public speaking reduces our ability to respond to what we perceive as "a threat. Although we logically know that there is no reason to fear, we become paralyzed. This fear limits us and it is frustrating.


Sexual, physical or emotional abuse and lack of protection cause one of the most devastating traumas to a child. As a result, a series of symptoms develop in response to the abnormal behaviour received.


Any surgical process, fertilization, testing, entails STRESS. Preparing for it maximize your recovery. You will be more receptive to treatment, require less anesthesia, analgesics, recover faster and better.

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