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I am a psychologist, graduated from the Javeriana University in Bogotá, an Addiction Counselor from the University of Miami and an expert in Psychotherapy and Hypnosis of the Milton H. Erickson of New York and Madrid.  I have been a Psychologist for more than 25 years and I have specialized in working with adults who have experienced different types of trauma.

Trauma has always existed and, nowadays, it is common to find someone who has had a trauma, has experienced stressful situations for extended periods or has a physical pain due to trauma.  Unfortunately, not always there is awareness of the great impact and the consequences of trauma on the individuals, the families and the society.  Frequently, behind symptoms of anxiety, depression, fear, insomnia and pain, there may be an unrecognized and unresolved trauma.

Treatments for trauma continue to expand. For that reason, I keep up-to-date on newly developing treatments, as continue to expand the therapies that I offer, studying and taking seminars with trauma specialists all over the world. For seven years, in New York, I had the opportunity to specialize my work with trauma, using many of the latest therapeutic models.  I’ve worked with many survivors of the terrorist attack to the World Trade Center of New York, the 11 M of Madrid and the “Club Nogal” in Bogota.

I truly enjoy my work.  I see the wonderful results daily in patients that present different issues, such as having been sexually abused as a child, low self-esteem, having difficulties ending a relationship, mourning, having anxiety attacks, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear of being alone or having a mate, people with anxiety, physical weakness, chronic pains, apathy, loss of interest for life. Also, patients with difficulty accepting their sexual orientation, or the orientations of their children, or people who will undergo surgery and who are willing to have a better and shorter post-surgery recovery. I also enjoy working with actors, artists, sportsmen/sportswomen so they feel more confident in their professions.

When I tell people I am a psychologist and I work with trauma, pain and mourning, they imagine my work as painful.  What they don’t know is that my patients and I finish our sessions energized and optimistic because of the methodology I use and the way I work.

I like to write articles about psychology for different magazines and I also offer seminars and conferences about different subjects related to trauma. I am presently writing a book for adults who were abused as children.

Thanks to the advances in technology, my practice is where the person needs me to be because I can give the therapy at a distance, with video conference (via skype).  Therapy at a distance can be a solution for those who may not otherwise look for help or for those who can’t find a psychologist that specializes in trauma near their residence.

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