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I perform individual therapy with adults, one-on-one and/or at long distance by video conference.

I also offer Intensive Therapeutic Treatment for people who live outside my area, for those who are experiencing an overwhelming pain and wish to find a quick recovery or for those who want to give themselves time to learn about themselves and their lives.  It is an opportunity to stop along their way and give themselves time to listen to their inner self, without stress and daily obligations. This work can be done for 5 to 6 hours a day, for five or more days, depending on the availability and each person’s endurance. A questionnaire must be completed, in order to obtain the best information that would help us draw a map for the treatment and extract the important points to process and heal during the treatment; thus, we create new bases to relate with ourselves, others, with work and life.

My approach is eclectic. Patients obtain good results with the combination of psychological energy therapies, specialized for working with trauma. These therapies help us gain access to the brain and body.  Use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), TFT, EFT, Somatic Experience, (SE), Hakomi, Brainspotting, Strategic Model for Trauma, Trauma of Development EMDR. I also use other techniques, like Hypnosis, IADC for the creation of Trauma, Bars and Neurofeedback. I have included Neurofeedback in the treatments because I have been able to verify that the persons that do the psychotherapy and neurofeedback do a deeper work and have better and faster results.

Each treatment is different and its duration depends on several factors like the severity of the traumatic event, the childhood experiences and the experience of previous traumas, and the emotional and social support received during the trauma. With the patient’s participation, a good therapeutic relationship and the proper therapy, the patient becomes his/her own agent of change. Symptoms are the link that show us the structure of the brain, how it evolves or gets stuck and how to make a change in the memory system to uncover its own healing mechanisms.  The person will surprise himself/herself, as he/she develops new perceptions, and feels empowered, resilient and flowing with life.

“When fear subsides, you will be able to begin living in the present.”
Sebern Fisher


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