Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not signs of weakness. They are signs of trying to remain strong for far too long. Robin Williams


TREATMENTS IN PERSON, ONLINE, AT HOME. Working with ADULTS in iNDiviDUal therapy in person at a distance through Internet (Videoconference) from Salamanca, Toledo, Madrid – Spain- to anywhere in the world, in English or Spanish. I also offer intensive therapy for those who are in crisis or want (and can) spend more time in their healing process.  

Some patients come to therapy, because they have had accidents; they are having a personal crisis; or they have had some kind of loss or stressful situation. I also help people who are planning to use in-vitro fertilization processes, or other medical procedures.

Together, we work on the impact of the emotional, physical and relational variables of these issues, so that their personas have more resources and the body can be more open and cooperative during the process so that healing occurs sooner.  

When I work with people who have depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions, compulsive thoughts and behaviors, physical pain, problems of concentration, insomnia, irritability, fear or insecurities, I look holistically for the causes.  I observe that when a patient understands the cause of his symptoms, and that he realizes that he had a NORMAL REACTION to something ABnorMaL that he lived, there is relief.

What paralyzes us many times is feeling “we have no control” therefore, when you know what is happening to you and have tools to handle it, you begin to feel that you can do something.  In this way you build resilience as you remember your strengths from triumphs achieved. 

When you are able to be in the present and you start to contact your sensations and emotions, changes begin to occur at the neurological level that will set in motion your OWN HEALING MECHANISMS.

I constantly study the latest research and techniques so that I can update my knowledge and skills to be more effective in the therapy I offer. As a result, I individually design therapy according to the needs of each patient and always-keeping neuroplasticity in mind.

I am integrative in my approach and use the following therapies: EMDR (desensitization and reprocessing of eye movement); Somatic Experiencing (SE); Sensory-Motor Psychotherapy; Brainspotting; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); Neurofeedback; Dan Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology; Gestalt therapy; and Clinical Hypnosis among others therapy.

“Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.” P. Levine


Intensive Therapy ADVANCES IN A SHORT TIME WHAT IT WOULD OTHERWISE TAKE TO ACHIEVE IN 5 OR 6 MONTHS OF THERAPY. This method is ideal for those in crisis however, you will need to have the necessary time to be able to focus on your process.

I have observed that when a person sets aside time and space, apart from the stress of their day to day activities, to engage intensively in the therapeutic process, that person can rapidly get in contact with emotions that otherwise would take a long time to uncover.

 Intensive therapy involves weekly sessions of three to four hours, over a period of one or two weeks. Because you cannot always process everything you have identified, or new information emerges during therapy, if necessary, you can schedule additional intensive treatment later and / or continue with weekly therapy.  

Intensive therapy is not for everyone, so an initial interview to determine if intensive therapy is a suitable therapeutic procedure will be necessary.  

“The difference between therapy and healing is vital. Therapy is what the Dr. does to you. Healing is what you do to you. I can put a cast on your broken arm, but you have to heal it”. Betty  Erickson


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    The death of a loved one is a very painful situation and creates feelings of helplessness, helplessness, guilt, etc. Sometimes we hope that time will cure everything, but it is not always the case and we may blame our self.


    We all have the need to belong to a group and have point of reference. Unfortunately in our society gay or transsexual people can be excluded causing them live in constant state of uncertainty.


    Dementia causes more fear than cancer or death itself because it steals our essence and makes us vulnerable, fragile and dependent. It leaves us without a map of the world and makes us feel overwhelmed


    Fear of public speaking reduces our ability to respond to what we perceive as "a threat. Although we logically know that there is no reason to fear, we become paralyzed. This fear limits us and it is frustrating.


    Sexual, physical or emotional abuse and lack of protection cause one of the most devastating traumas to a child. As a result, a series of symptoms develop in response to the abnormal behaviour received.


    Any surgical process, fertilization, testing, entails STRESS. Preparing for it maximize your recovery. You will be more receptive to treatment, require less anesthesia, analgesics, recover faster and better.
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